Change is near... I'll be there, will you be there to join me?


"Today, we will paint a positive picture that will have a lasting effect on our futures', tomorrow."

Welcome to Writtensmith101! For those of you who are unfamiliar with the previous website, please allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Nina St'cyr and I am a Freelance Writer and Personal Manager. I write in a variety of genres and  I enjoy listening to great music. Therefore, I have taken the liberty to combine, both, music and writing in an effort to create something truly amazing.  In the past, I have written: poetry, music, screenplays, dramatic plays, eulogies, comedies, and more. I have won several online and offline writing contests. In 2005, I had been nominated as a finalist on and invited to attend an honorary ceremony in Las Vegas, Nevada.  I have also received several prizes and awards both, within, and outside of educational institutions.



We must not stand by idly and simply accept situations in which we feel we have no control over. The truth is that if we have control over anything, it is ourselves. We must never forget that " we the people" are mothers and fathers raising future men and women. How can we preach and not practice? "We the people," are not perfect, and no one ever said that we were meant to be. However, our imperfections are beginning to cost us the lives of our children. Are " we the people" blind? Can we not see that the burden to educate our child, fall on our shoulders? After all, we are the ones that our children come to for guidance? If we continue to neglect and mistreat our children, they will no longer look to us for guidance. Instead, the streets and their misguided friends will become their mothers and fathers and the penitentiaries and graveyards will become their new place of residence.


Writtensmith101 goes national in 2016.

I have come to realize that music plays a significant role in today's society. I, myself, have a certain respect for music, especially meaningful music. When I say meaningful music, I am referring to the content found within the lyrics. Although many of you may not understand the significance of lyrics, me as a songwriter, I do. I have a great deal of respect for meaningful music and several years of songwriting experience. I have come to realize that music is merely an equal combination of rhythm and lyrics. Based on my experience, I have learned that a song should possess a generous amount of rhythm, just enough to touch your soul. Yet it must also possess an equal amount of lyrical power, just the right amount to stimulate your mind. Unfortunately, very few artists' have reached this level of expertise in the composition of music.  As a result of this, our society has been forced to listen to anything that sounds good. However, there are a handful of artists' who have reached this level of expertise. I am not here to bad mouth the music industry. My objective is to place the most meaningful topics in the spotlight. This site will be used as a platform for all of the subjects that we have chosen to sweep underneath the rug. I intend to shine some light on these subjects because they have been sitting in the shadows for far too long.

Kind regards

Nina St'cyr