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Jan. 22, 2019

Although unity is a societal benefit to the overall health of the community, classification is a necessity. While labeling stigmatizes the individual, each individual must have a label to determine one's true identity. It is bigger than male and female, B#### and N####, whore and a man whore, it is a label that has been used to dehumanize the human who has not yet been identified.  General classification of the mentally ill. They have been deprived of natural resources, which has always been accessible to the "norm" in abundance. Instead, their resources are scarce. They're often dislocated and placed in an unloving, unjust, and fierce community. Vulnerable to the savage and in some cases, some of them are natural savages or become savage-like due to a false perception of the world, of man, of woman, of animal, of boy, and of girl. It is unfair that the budget deprives/places a limitation on the necessary resources provided to those who are classified as savages or savage-like. America's reluctance to accept the existence of the savage and savage-like men and women has turned America into the worse savage of them all. The mentality ill does not need to be pitied. Instead, they need to be empowered. They do not need to be identified for the sole purpose of being ridiculed by the common savage but they need to be identified for the safety of themselves and the safety of others. The common savage is easily identified through his (or her) savage-like behaviors, common characteristic traits, and he (or she) takes great pride in savagery. However, the uncommon savage is a danger to everyone because he (or she) has yet to be identified. Instead, classification remains unknown and any savage-like behaviors are identified as unsubstantiated categorical symptoms, which vary from one individual to another. America's Abandoned Breed needs recusing, reassurance, redirection, reconciliation, recognition and most importantly more quality resources.

Jan. 9, 2019

Life is not always rainbows and butterflies.
It is a daily challenge to stay in the light.
The devil is always busy and he seeks to devour those who live in the light.
He envies all successes and highlights all failures.
A lost soul, solely seeking to find himself and pleasure in the damnation of the righteous.
Although no one that walks this earth is truly righteous, there are many who live in the light and many who find pleasure living in the darkness.
Many say that they have been saved and I ask, how did you ever become lost?
Many quote the bible verbatim, now don't get me wrong, I respect the word.
However, I believe that the author is false.
Many worship many Gods, with all of this confusion no wonder so many of us are lost.
The devil is eager to possess your spirit by any means necessary, at any cost.
I stay in the light because I am no fool.
I've been employed long enough to know the difference between an intern and a BOSS.
Be wary of those who are too nice, be wary of those who are too friendly, be wary of those who are too nosey, be wary of those who envy your lifestyle and wish they had your life, be wary of those who smile too much, and be wary of those who are too charming. What may appear to be a form of normalcy could turn out to be the most alarming.

Nina St'cyr
Jan. 1, 2019

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Dec. 26, 2018

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