Jun. 3, 2014

Fork in the road

Physically stuck in a state of confusion. Mentally trapped by an illusion. Emotionally battered by what you may call, "false hope". However if I drown today I will miss the opportunity to aboard my future's life boat. Destiny abandons me although, it is a necessary life coach. I want to follow my dreams although, I don't know how to approach them. A dream seems rather distant to me, yet local to a very close friend. There are so many forks in this road heading to success. It becomes so overbearing, so much so that sometimes I feel closed in. I can't determine if this anxiety is a foe or a close friend. However, I am convinced that this fork in the road was constructed from deep within. I am constantly facing this inner turmoil; it grows by the day like a bad burn grows into a boil. It constricts my veins and it leaves my whole body limp. I continue to find myself in such a weakend state, wondering where when, and, how will I ever find and have the ability to use my inner strenght?