Jun. 17, 2014

The Doctor Says

The doctor says that my time here, is limited. God questions "if I gave you life why are you not living it?" The doctor says that your child has Scoliosis, Parkinson, Autism, or, ADHD. God says "I make no mistakes; if I gave you life and your child life I judge you both equally." The doctor says that I may never walk again. God questions "when was the last time you got up off of your behind and went outside to see the sun shining? " The doctor says that I suffer from depression. God questions, "do you want to hear a joke?" The doctor says that I will never be able to play basketball again because of the injury that I sustained. God says "come outside man, we need to play at least one game." The doctor says that I am crazy. God makes funny faces then tells me that I am perfectly sane. The doctor tells me that I am an insomniac. God says " let me hold your thoughts while you rest your brain." The doctor says I will never be able to talk again. God says " I can hear what you are saying and thinking." The doctor says that I'll never have any kids. Two months later I am carrying triplets. God smiles and says "the way Jessica eats is just ridiculous; doesn't she know that James and Johnathan needs to eat too? The doctor says this is a miracle. God says "why, thank you."