Aug. 2, 2018


"Man" was taught to be tough, to withhold his emotions, and to roll with the punches. These punches led to physical attacks aimed toward his wife and kids, the same woman who was supposed to be his rib. His detachment from his emotions led to a lack of intimacy towards his girlfriend, instead he chose to show his love to his fellow men. However, these men never raised his children, thoes of whom were supposed to be the most important part of him. Despite this fact, he neglected them. When he forseen a pattern of parental inadequacy within himself, he downright abandoned them simply because he was expected to reveal his emotions toward them. However, in his mind this task was solely reserved for the devine feminine. He was taught never to cry it was said that crying was a sign of weakness. The day he finally accepted he was human was the day he became speechless. It felt so good that he couldn't explain the feeling. He had been completely out of touch with himself, the creator, and his universe. He finally learned to love even when people showed him nothing but hate. He learned to punch the enemy not his wife, he learned to love his kids and he guarded them with his life, but most importantly he learned that his old way of thinking wasn't right.