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Jan. 9, 2019

Life is not always rainbows and butterflies.
It is a daily challenge to stay in the light.
The devil is always busy and he seeks to devour those who live in the light.
He envies all successes and highlights all failures.
A lost soul, solely seeking to find himself and pleasure in the damnation of the righteous.
Although no one that walks this earth is truly righteous, there are many who live in the light and many who find pleasure living in the darkness.
Many say that they have been saved and I ask, how did you ever become lost?
Many quote the bible verbatim, now don't get me wrong, I respect the word.
However, I believe that the author is false.
Many worship many Gods, with all of this confusion no wonder so many of us are lost.
The devil is eager to possess your spirit by any means necessary, at any cost.
I stay in the light because I am no fool.
I've been employed long enough to know the difference between an intern and a BOSS.
Be wary of those who are too nice, be wary of those who are too friendly, be wary of those who are too nosey, be wary of those who envy your lifestyle and wish they had your life, be wary of those who smile too much, and be wary of those who are too charming. What may appear to be a form of normalcy could turn out to be the most alarming.

Nina St'cyr
Jan. 1, 2019

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Dec. 26, 2018

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Dec. 19, 2018

He creeps behind the shadows while playing the victim. In his mind, she loves him, in her mind, body, and spirit she loathes him. He sniffs around her door seeking familiar voices. He thrives off of listening to her personal subjects because it makes him feel closer to her. Fascinated by a woman who doesn't even acknowledge him, yet he would kill himself just for her to say hello. He carries a stench of despair, insecurity, desperation, and pure wickedness in his overall being. He looks like death. The souls of his eyes have no substantial meaning. His existence is rare, many men despise his very existence because his behavior places real solid men in disadvantageous positions. They frequently have to apologize for his behavior because women tend to be uneasy when he's around. He is impotent in logical reasoning. However, he is confident that all women want to be in his company. He is convinced that her ques of rejection are games of cat and mouse. He is a narcissist, he plays the role of the victim and blames his behaviors on others. He persuades others to believe that he is innocent and everyone else is guilty. He is a creep, he listens to her shower, telephone calls, scans her personal property, and even monitors her movement every minute, second, and hour. He is a chronic disease she often prays for the cure but when she does he shows up at her front door. He is an eyesore. He is the devil that never sleeps, he is the narcissist creep.